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Hobbit House

Hobbit House Rental

Our top-performing crowdfunding incentive. Picturing a tranquil haven for relaxation, our mission is to establish a captivating oasis on a 400 sq meter parcel of land. In this serene setting, we aim to construct an extraordinary residence that effortlessly merges the enchanting allure of a hobbit house with the sustainable elements of an earth shelter home.

Hidden Place

Perched gracefully atop a plateau within the embrace of our verdant food forest, this enchanting sanctuary on our farm promises to be a retreat for rejuvenation.

At its heart, a truly distinctive dwelling will take form, seamlessly blending the whimsical charm of a hobbit house with the sustainable ethos of an earth shelter home. 


Boat Ribs

The design of our space attains a truly remarkable character, and what adds to its uniqueness is the incorporation of substantial boat ribs generously donated by the esteemed Pičuljan Family. Renowned as one of the finest boat builders not only on our island but also throughout Croatia, this Family's contribution enhances both the aesthetic and structural aspects of our project.

The generously donated boat ribs will play a pivotal role as ceiling support, providing a distinctive and robust framework for our space. Beyond their structural significance, these boat ribs bring with them a rich history, embodying the craftsmanship and maritime heritage for which the Pičuljan Family is celebrated.

What makes this feature truly captivating is the visible display of each year of the ribs' history. As the eye traverses the ceiling, it will encounter a timeline of craftsmanship, reflecting the passage of time and the dedication embedded in each rib. This not only adds a layer of historical depth to our space but also pays homage to the legacy of the Pičuljan Family, creating a harmonious fusion of tradition and contemporary design.

In essence, the incorporation of these boat ribs is a testament to the collaborative spirit within our community and a celebration of craftsmanship that extends beyond our immediate surroundings. It is with great pride and gratitude that we showcase these elements in our design, inviting all who engage with our space to appreciate the artistry and heritage that define it.

Fairytale Garden

Surrounding this unique abode, the expansive yard will undergo a magical transformation into a fairytale garden, graced with an abundance of perennials, vibrant flowers, and the serene presence of a tranquil pond or a naturally inspired swimming pool.

Whether you are seeking a family retreat, a gathering with friends, or an intimate escape for two, this captivating space will be available for rent. It stands as one of the crowning achievements of our crowdfunding campaign, offering a truly magical environment that beckons you to unwind and soothe your soul.


House Plan

 This charming dwelling is planned to feature two bedrooms equipped with showers, a toilet, a generously sized living room, and a well-appointed kitchen. The overarching concept for the house revolves around optimizing natural light, and the construction will prioritize a spacious width to enhance the overall living experience.

Despite having a foundational design and structure in place, a significant portion of the house's aesthetic and functional elements will be conceptualized and planned during the construction process. This dynamic approach allows for flexibility and adaptability, enabling us to refine and tailor the design to harmonize seamlessly with the evolving needs and nuances of the build.


Projected Expenses : 40.000 €

Excavation and clearing of the parcel, along with building materials.

Anticipated average nightly rental rate: € 350 (derived from comparable rates for other hobbit house rentals).

Raised Funds

The images displayed on this webpage serve as illustrative renderings showcasing the envisioned design of our hobbit house.

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