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The Garden


At the core of our sustainability ethos and a pivotal element shaping the essence of our project, the garden emerges as a multifaceted hub, not only providing sustenance but also contributing significantly to our economic viability.


About The Design

The strategic vision entails the construction of 80 cm raised beds, ingeniously arranged in the configuration of letters, forming either a meaningful word or symbol, potentially resurrecting the forgotten emblem of a bygone era. 

This deliberate design choice extends beyond mere aesthetics, as it is intended to be a captivating spectacle visible from an aerial perspective, imparting an artistic and distinctive allure to our landscape.

Shape the Garden

The intriguing aspect lies in the open-ended nature of the word or symbol, offering a canvas for creativity and collaboration.

 Stakeholders, enthusiasts, or potential sponsors are invited to contribute ideas or even partake in sponsoring the construction, thereby actively participating in shaping the visual identity of this emblematic garden. 

This inclusive approach underscores our commitment to embracing diverse perspectives and fostering a collaborative spirit.


Hugelkultur Garden

An integral facet of the garden involves the creation of a dedicated hugelkultur educational trail, transforming a portion of the space into an immersive and informative experience. 

This trail will serve as an educational conduit, providing insights into sustainable gardening practices and the ecological benefits of hugelkultur, enriching visitors with knowledge about organic cultivation methods.


Kitchen - Garden Harmony

Furthermore, the garden is strategically linked to our outdoor kitchen, a harmonious integration inspired by permaculture design principles. 

This connection facilitates the seamless incorporation of freshly harvested produce into our culinary activities, enhancing the experiential aspect of our project. 

The garden, therefore, transcends its role as a mere source of ingredients; it becomes an interactive space for cooking classes and a unique "restaurant" where guests have the delightful opportunity to personally select and combine ingredients to craft their salads.

The Essence

In essence, the garden evolves into a living, breathing entity with multifaceted dimensions—nourishing us, contributing to our economic sustainability, serving as an educational trail, and providing a dynamic space for culinary exploration. 

It symbolizes not only a commitment to sustainability but also an embodiment of creativity, collaboration, and education, resonating with the overarching vision and values of our project.


Projected Expenses : 18.000 €

Costs encompass building materials and infrastructure.

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