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Cultivating a Sustainable Legacy

Nestled in the embrace of generations past, we inherited a precious piece of land that echoed with the whispers of our ancestors. 

The land, once a tapestry of memories and stories, became the canvas for our family's shared dream — a vision of revitalizing the soil, reclaiming its vitality, and fostering a sanctuary where nature and nurture coexist.

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I am Yogi, and alongside my partner Sanela, we are the driving forces behind our endeavors. Together with our three daughters Sunčana (sunshine ) ,Gea-Aria (earth and air), and Flora we form a family united by a common dream - a dream that transcends conventional boundaries.

Our vision is to build a thriving permaculture farm, a sanctuary where sustainable practices, environmental stewardship, and community empowerment come together.

This dream is not just a personal aspiration, but a commitment to create a space of self-sufficiency and ecological balance.

Guided by the principles of permaculture, we aim to cultivate a landscape that reflects the resilience of natural ecosystems. Our vision goes beyond growing crops and embraces a broader ethos — one that nurtures local communities, sustains the land, and provides a resilient model for the future.

Join us on this transformative journey as we work to make our dreams a reality. Together we strive to create a permaculture farm that not only supports our family but also contributes to the wellbeing of the environment and the communities we are part of.

Thank you for being part of our mission for a greener and more sustainable future.

Cultivating the Future

3Sisters Farm will not be just a farm; it will be a living example of permaculture principles in action. 
As you explore our lush fields, vibrant orchards, and bustling gardens, you'll witness the beauty of a system where every element serves a purpose, creating a resilient and regenerative environment. 
It will be a harmonious ecosystem that thrives on the interconnected relationships between plants, animals, and people.

Family Matušan

Yogi & Sanela(1979 & 1981)info@rab.com.hr
Embedded in the wellspring of wisdom and propelled by a commitment to holistic living, my partner, Sanela, and I gazed beyond the untamed landscapes that enveloped us. 

United by a shared vision of championing sustainability and embracing the organic interplay of life, we embarked on a purposeful odyssey to breathe new life into the soil that cradled the timeless stories of our forebears.

 Infused with spiritual insight and a nurturing spirit, we emerged as the catalysts for a profound metamorphosis, infusing the very essence of the land with renewed vitality. 

Our journey began years ago, a labor of love and meticulous planning that now stands on the cusp of a significant milestone. 

As we enter the final chapter of our lives, we do so with the profound intention of bequeathing this sacred space as a lasting legacy to generations yet to come. 

Since 2007, we have been at the helm of a venture—more than a mere "business," but a testament to our passion and commitment—a sea kayak expedition company. 

Despite the passage of time, our success in this endeavor has been undeniable, and we are poised to continue this venture, albeit at a more leisurely pace. 

Our decision to pass on this haven of sustainability and organic living is rooted in a desire to share the fruits of our labor with those who will walk this sacred land after us. 

Each stroke of the paddle in our sea kayak expedition company has been a testament to our dedication, but it is in the careful tending of the land that our hearts find the deepest fulfillment. 

As we embark on this final phase of our journey, we do so with gratitude for the past, mindfulness in the present, and a hopeful gaze toward the future—a future where the land and its stories endure as an enduring testament to the harmonious dance between humanity and nature.

Sunčana, our beloved eldest daughter, is a beacon of positivity and warmth, infusing our family with her vibrant spirit. 

As the eldest sister, she nurtures a profound dream of assuming a leadership role in overseeing and managing our cherished establishment. 

Her vision extends beyond mere administration; Sunčana aspires to be the creative force behind organizing events and handling bookings for overnight stays, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience for guests seeking refuge in our camp, hobbit house, or stone house.

Immersed in her pursuit of knowledge and honing her skills, Sunčana has chosen to pursue her education at a local Hotel Management school situated right here on our island. Her decision not to venture to the mainland for her studies underscores her deep-rooted connection to this extraordinary place that we call home.

In her role as a student of Hotel Management, Sunčana is cultivating a wealth of expertise that she envisions seamlessly integrating into the fabric of our family's establishment. 

Her passion for hospitality, coupled with her dedication to the island, positions her as a future leader who not only dreams of managing our place but aims to elevate it into a haven of unparalleled warmth and hospitality, embodying the very essence of her radiant personality.

Gea - Aria(2011)

Gea-Aria, our cherished second daughter, plays a vital role as the steward of our land. Her connection to the earth runs deep, with her feet firmly rooted in the soil and her spirit soaring like the wind that graces our farm. 

It is her dream to not only reside on this land but also to actively contribute to its nurturing, fostering the continuation of our family story through the generations. Embracing the legacy of the past and envisioning the promise of the future, 

Gea-Aria's presence on the farm embodies a commitment to preserving and enriching the tapestry of our familial history.


Our youngest daughter Flora, loves hearing about her ancestors' gardens and the beautiful plants that used to grow in the area. 

Flora hopes to make the land diverse and full of life again. She gently plants different seeds in the soil, wishing they will grow well and bring the land back to its natural, lively state.

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