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Behind The Name

Three Sisters Farm

The name of our farm holds three meaningful connections, weaving a tapestry of history, family, and agricultural tradition. Firstly, the name pays homage to the fact that my wife and I are blessed with three daughters, forming a bond of Three Sisters within our family.

The second connection delves into the historical roots of our land. Over a century ago, Three Sisters inhabited a stone house atop the hill, marking the final residents of this part of the farm. Their presence and legacy resonate in the stories etched into the very soil we cultivate today.

The Iroquois and the Cherokee referred to corn, beans, and squash as "the three sisters" due to their symbiotic relationship when planted together. This agricultural practice involved planting corn in small hills, surrounded by beans, and interspersing squash throughout the field. The term "three sisters" reflects the nurturing dynamic between these crops, akin to a harmonious family, as they mutually support and thrive in each other's company.

In essence, our farm name encapsulates the rich tapestry of family ties, historical narratives, and sustainable farming practices, creating a holistic identity that mirrors the diverse connections ingrained in the very fabric of our agricultural journey.

The Logo

We're still open to new logo ideas. The current one, crafted by our talented friend Katja Brečević at the age of 13, showcases our three daughters' faces in a unique three-sister Indian planting style. Despite its personal touch, we feel it might be too specific for regular use. The interesting part is that it evolves as our daughters grow older, adding a humorous aspect. We welcome logo suggestions, and if you share your ideas or creations, we'd be delighted to reward you!

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