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Greenhouse Tunnels


Cultivating Sustainability


Nestled in the sunniest corner of our expansive framework, our greenhouses stand poised to become the epicenter of innovation and sustainability for our future endeavors. 

Commonly known as polytunnels, these structures represent a cost-effective and versatile alternative to traditional glass-walled greenhouses, firmly grounded in our commitment to eco-friendly practices.


About the Project

Envisioned as dynamic spaces for growth, we have strategically planned two polytunnels, each stretching an impressive 20 meters in length and spanning 6 meters in width. 

Unlike their glass counterparts that require foundations, polytunnels offer a simpler and more affordable solution, providing us with the ideal environment to cultivate a myriad of projects geared towards a sustainable future.


The first polytunnel, a horticultural haven, will be dedicated to nurturing plants throughout the winter months. 

Here, a diverse array of flora will thrive, defying the seasonal chill and laying the groundwork for our flourishing landscape. 

The second polytunnel assumes the role of a nursery, birthing plants that will find their permanent homes in our envisioned food forest and farm. 

These plants serve dual purposes—acting as a valuable feedstock for grafting and becoming integral components of our sales inventory.



Our ambitions reach beyond the conventional, as we aspire to specialize in the production and sale of an extensive array of woody plants and perennials. From ornamental trees that grace gardens with their splendor to shrubs that contribute to the ecological tapestry, and bulbous plants that add vibrancy to the landscape, our polytunnels are poised to become veritable nurseries of life and beauty.

Anticipating the potential for expansion, our vision extends to the possibility of constructing additional polytunnels as the need arises. This strategic foresight ensures that our greenhouse capabilities evolve in tandem with our growing aspirations, creating a dynamic space where sustainability, innovation, and the beauty of nature seamlessly converge. Join us on this exciting journey as we cultivate a future where polytunnels become not just structures, but vibrant symbols of sustainable growth and environmental stewardship.


Projected Expenses : 8.000 €

Costs encompass the acquisition of two polytunnels (6 x 20 meters each), land preparation, and installation.

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