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Production Zone

Production Zone

Welcome to our production zone, where nature's bounty meets the artistry of craftsmanship, and every product tells a story of love, dedication, and the timeless beauty of the land we call home. Situated discreetly behind the welcoming walls of our family residence, a new phase is beginning — the establishment of a vibrant production zone poised to become the core of our agricultural initiative. It's important to note that this component is distinct from our crowdfunding campaign.


Rich Flavors

At the forefront of this venture is a state-of-the-art dehydrating facility, meticulously designed to handle large-scale production. 

Our focal point is the revered fig, and with unwavering commitment, we envision processing more than a two thousand kilograms of these succulent fruits. 

The hum of machines will harmonize with the rustle of fig leaves as we embark on a journey to encapsulate the rich flavors of nature within each dried fig.

Beyond the figs that grace our land, the production zone will embrace a symphony of other fruits and herbs. In our commitment to diversity, we plan to dry an array of fruits, preserving their natural sweetness and nutritional goodness. 

The aromatic herbs that thrive in our permaculture farm will also find a place in this aromatic orchestra, lending their distinctive notes to the symphony of flavors we aim to create.



However, our vision extends beyond the dehydrator's domain. Adjacent to this bustling machinery will be a culinary haven — a kitchen pulsating with the fragrant melodies of simmering pots and bubbling concoctions.

 Here, we will craft an assortment of jams, marmalades, and an array of delectable sweets. 

The raw materials for these creations will be plucked straight from our permaculture farm, ensuring a farm-to-table experience that captures the true essence of sustainability.

Every jar of jam and bag of dried fruit will not merely be a product but a testament to the synergy between nature's bounty and human ingenuity. 

Our mission is to share a piece of our thriving permaculture haven with the world, allowing individuals to savor the taste of wholesome goodness and experience the passion we infuse into every step of the production process.



As we embark on this exciting journey behind the walls of our family abode, we invite you to join us in celebrating the marriage of tradition and innovation, where the fruits of our labor become a source of joy and a symbol of sustainable living. 

Together, let us cultivate, create, and savor the fruits of our labor, nurtured by the soil beneath our feet and the dreams that take root in our hearts. 

Projected Expenses : 70.000 €

Costs cover ground preparation, foundations, building materials, and machinery, including a kitchen, dehydrator closet, jam processing machines, and packaging system.

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