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The Beginning

Generations ago, our ancestors carved out a modest haven nestled in the heart of the countryside, a parcel of land that bore witness to the ebb and flow of time. As the torchbearers of our family legacy, we found ourselves the proud inheritors of this ancestral gift—a piece of earth steeped in history and untamed beauty.

Rab in short

Nestled in the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea, the Island of Rab stands as a timeless testament to the rich tapestry of tales and historical treasures that have shaped its identity over the centuries. This enchanting island, known for its picturesque landscapes and the charming town of Rab, beckons travelers to explore its history through a collection of captivating chronicles and hidden gems.

Rab - the hidden gem of the Adriatic

Nestled in the azure embrace of the Adriatic Sea, there is a hidden a gem of an island named Rab. The sun-drenched haven, surrounded by crystal-clear waters, was a tapestry of lush landscapes, ancient architecture, and untold wonders waiting to be unveiled. 

In the middle of the island, the town of Rab sprawled like a medieval masterpiece. Ancient stone walls adorned with bougainvillea, intertwined with narrow cobblestone streets, whispered tales of centuries past. The scent of pine trees mingled with the salty sea air as visitors meandered through the enchanting labyrinth of the Old Town, discovering hidden cafes, vibrant markets, and inviting squares.

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