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Kitchen & Terrace

Kitchen & Terrace


Embark on a culinary adventure with our visionary plans for the future—an open-concept kitchen that serves as the epicenter for cooking classes and a charming family restaurant. 

Envision a haven under the shade of Holm oak trees, where a terraced terrace unfolds, offering an intimate dining experience with meticulously spaced tables for enhanced privacy. 

Picture moments of relaxation in designated areas equipped with deck chairs and hammocks, providing a serene escape amidst nature's embrace..


Open space Kitchen

Anticipate the seamless integration of our culinary haven within a permaculture design, carefully choreographed to harmonize with the environment. 

Envision the open space kitchen positioned alongside a sprawling organic garden, adorned with raised beds bursting with seasonal produce and a quaint citrus garden on a small hill. 

This synergy between kitchen and garden will form the foundation of a sustainable and immersive culinary experience.

Taste of Croatia

As part of our commitment to promoting local sustainability, our future establishment pledges to serve only the freshest domestic ingredients. 

Collaborating with neighboring family farms, as well as partnering with farms nestled in the nearby Velebit mountains and across Croatia, our menu will be a mosaic of flavors that showcases the diversity of Croatia's culinary treasures. 

Each dish will be a testament to the rich tapestry of flavors sourced from local landscapes.


Terraced Ambience

Although our culinary haven is a vision for the future, the commitment to permaculture and sustainability is deeply ingrained in our plans. 

Picture the terrace with its Holm oak canopy, offering a sanctuary where guests can enjoy the fruits of our culinary labor while basking in the tranquil surroundings. 

Whether savoring delectable creations, enjoying the terraced ambiance, or unwinding in a hammock, our envisioned space is designed to reflect the seamless coexistence of gastronomic excellence and sustainable living.


Join us on this exciting journey toward a future where every dish is a celebration of Croatia's culinary heritage, and every guest is invited to partake in a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. 

Welcome to a place where the fusion of nature and cuisine creates an immersive and unforgettable encounter with the vibrant flavors of Croatia.


Projected Expenses : 100.000 €

Expenses include building materials for the fully equipped kitchen and terraces.

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